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Considering the weather when using scaffolding

Sometimes the only way to gain access to part of a structure is to use scaffold. It is more secure than working from a ladder and can overcome various accessibility problems. However, you need to consider the hazards. One of the most important ones when you work outside is the weather. It can have a big impact on safety. As the top name for scaffolding Northumberland has, we want to take a closer look at this. Continue reading

Maximise safety with scaffold inspections

When you use any kind of scaffold, regardless of the height it reaches or the length of the project, safety must be a priority. A key thing here is to be proactive with inspections. It is the best way to monitor the stability of the structure. As one of the top names for scaffolding Durham has, we can give clients clear advice on how often they should inspect their scaffold. Continue reading

Scaffolding design – Safety advice

There are many projects that require the use of a scaffold. It could be something simple like interior decorating or a much more complex project such as restoration work on a high rise. In each case, it is important to choose the right structure. It must be safe and suitable for the project. As one of the top providers of scaffolding Northumberland has, we can offer solutions for an array of needs. Continue reading

The three parts of tube and coupling scaffolding

You can see scaffold on a huge array of different structures. It provides safe, efficient access to allow all kinds of work, including repairs, new installations, and more. There are various different types, but the most common is tube and coupling. This is something we have a lot of experience with. Our knowledge and competency makes us the top name for scaffolding Durham has. So, whatever project you have in mind, you can rely on us. Continue reading