Scaffolding design – Safety advice

There are many projects that require the use of a scaffold. It could be something simple like interior decorating or a much more complex project such as restoration work on a high rise. In each case, it is important to choose the right structure. It must be safe and suitable for the project. As one of the top providers of scaffolding Northumberland has, we can offer solutions for an array of needs.

When is a formal scaffolding design necessary?

One of the most important things to think about if you are planning to use scaffold is whether you need a proper design. In many cases you will be using scaffolding that is assembled to a standard configuration. As a result, there should not be any concerns about the design.

However, if you are using a structure that has a non-standard configuration, you may need a formal bespoke design. You can find more about this requirement in the Work at Height Regulations 2005.

Why is it necessary?

The idea of getting a scaffold design is that you can ensure it has the correct strength, stability and rigidity. The structure must provide all three when erecting, using, and dismantling it. Again there should be no concern about this when you use a scaffold built to a standard configuration. However, move away from this and it is good practice to get a competent person to do the design.

There are a number of cases when it is usually necessary to get a design. For example, scaffolds for facade retention will require one. In addition, things like shoring, cantilevered, free standing, bridge, steeple, and offshore scaffold will all need one. There is a longer list of examples on the HSE scaffold checklist page.

The safest scaffolding in Northumberland

At HS Scaffolding NE Ltd we take safety very seriously on every project. Our goal each time is to deliver a structure that is safe at every stage of the job. Simultaneously, we do our best to make sure that scaffold offers quick, easy access.

If you have any questions about scaffolding, Northumberland clients can contact us. We are happy to share our extensive experience and will then deliver a service you can rely on.