Considering the weather when using scaffolding

Sometimes the only way to gain access to part of a structure is to use scaffold. It is more secure than working from a ladder and can overcome various accessibility problems. However, you need to consider the hazards. One of the most important ones when you work outside is the weather. It can have a big impact on safety. As the top name for scaffolding Northumberland has, we want to take a closer look at this.

What to do in the rain?

Surfaces can get incredibly slippery even in very light rain. With scaffold this means you could have issues with the ladders and boards. You need to take care to make sure people won’t slip. You could try to increase traction on the boards and ladders. However, if it is too wet it is better to pause the work until the rain passes. Then dry the surfaces before resuming.

Will there be high winds?

Working in windy conditions is something most scaffolders will have experience with. In most cases the work can continue. However, if the winds get too strong there is higher risk of people falling or the whole structure overturning. Again the safest option is to stop the work until the wind passes. A competent person should inspect the scaffold before work resumes to make sure the wind has not affected the stability.

What about lightning?

Nobody wants to be climbing a metal structure when the forecast calls for a lightning storm. The risk is greater the higher the scaffold is. If it extends above the building, it stands an even bigger chance of attracting lightning. Work should stop if there is any inclination that there will be storms in the area.

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