When do you need to use scaffolding?

Health and safety is vital on every single project. However, it can be difficult to determine exactly when you need to use things like scaffold on a job. It can also be tricky to make sense of the regulations. As a top provider of scaffolding Sunderland clients can trust, we are happy to offer advice.

Consider the height

Working at heights is always dangerous. This is true whether it is a single storey off the ground or on the side of a high rise. While it may be acceptable to work from a ladder when it is a lower property such as a two storey family home, it may not be the best option. A scaffold would provide much safer footing. It is also safer if the weather is changeable and gives people more ability to move around while they are working.

Risk assessments

The best thing to do to get a clear idea if you need scaffolding is to do a risk assessment. Here you can consider the height, the type of job, how much people need to move around, the weather, and many other factors that could cause hazards. A risk assessment is essential for any kind of commercial or industrial work. While it may not be a strict requirement for private domestic work, it is still better to do one so you can maximise safety.

Construction, repairs and demolition

It is a wise idea to use scaffolding on an array of projects. Firstly, it is best for construction and repairs because it gives people a stable surface to build from. That can make it safer to handle heavy materials and can mean a much higher quality job.

Secondly, it is also excellent for demolition work. Again people need a safe, stable platform to work on. There are far more risks here and the main structure itself could become unstable at any point. Therefore it is better to have a separate freestanding scaffold in many cases.

Rely on us for scaffolding in Sunderland

Whether it is a simple repair job or complex demolition or construction work, we can provide scaffold for you. We can offer a variety of systems to suit various needs. Most importantly, we always do a risk assessment before designing the scaffolding to ensure it is safe and appropriate for the project.

HS Scaffolding NE Ltd is a reputable company that offers the most reliable scaffolding Sunderland clients can ask for. So, get in touch today if you would like to find out more.