Three types of scaffolding you may see

Every project is different and can have unique access requirements. Luckily, there are several styles of scaffold to choose from. That means you can get the right one for you. At HS Scaffolding NE Ltd we work hard to provide solutions you can rely on. So, choose us when you want the best scaffolding Newcastle has to offer.


The most common type of scaffold is built from the ground up. It usually features a series of tubes, couplers, and boards. The structure itself bears the load. Additional support can come from the main structure if necessary.

This is one of the most flexible types of scaffold because it is relatively easy to add or take away levels. This means it can match projects that vary in terms of the amount of storeys. It also makes it useful for both construction and demolition.


Another option is rolling, mobile scaffold. Generally this has the same kind of structure as a supported style. The difference is the structure tends to already be built rather than in its component parts. It also usually has casters so it is easy to roll it into place beside a building.

This type of scaffold offers some good advantages, including a quicker installation and more mobility. However, it can have some drawbacks including the hazards if the casters are not locked safely before use.


This third option is most common on very tall buildings. Here it would be impractical to build a scaffold from the ground up. So, instead, it is an option to suspend it from the roof and lower it down to each level.

There are some advantages to this style, including the easier accessibility on tall structures. However, it may not be good for buildings that are under construction. It can also be unsafe to use this type of scaffold in certain weather, including high winds.

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