Working safely on scaffolding

There are always risks to consider when you use scaffold on a project. To maximise safety, it is vital to ensure that people have the right training and experience. As the top name for scaffolding Newcastle has, we can help our clients to address each risk and plan for it. This can include a lot of advice about how to make sure a site is safe.


Working on or around scaffolding can be dangerous. As a result, it is best to ensure that the people are competent. Their competency should match the type, height, and complexity of the scaffold. It is also a very good idea to ensure that at least one person on each scaffolding gang has specific training for this scaffold.

If there are any new or trainee scaffolders on the job, it is crucial that a competent person supervise them. This will help them to learn and maximise safety. Once each scaffolder completes the relevant training and assessments, they can be deemed confident and work without the supervision.

Guidance and practices

All scaffolders, regardless of their level of skill, should be in the habit of following changes in safety guidance. This can help them to continue working safely on sites. They should do the same with best practice guidelines.

Employer responsibilities

Every employer is responsible for ensuring they do all they can to maximise safety. As part of this they must make sure the right competent people are in key positions. This includes supervisors as well as a competent person to oversee assembling, maintaining, and removing the scaffold.

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HS Scaffolding NE Ltd is a competent business with an excellent track record for safety. We are confident we can offer scaffold for any kind of project. This can include repair work in busy urban areas as well as industrial projects.

So, if you have any questions about working safely on scaffold, you can contact us.