The three parts of tube and coupling scaffolding

You can see scaffold on a huge array of different structures. It provides safe, efficient access to allow all kinds of work, including repairs, new installations, and more. There are various different types, but the most common is tube and coupling. This is something we have a lot of experience with. Our knowledge and competency makes us the top name for scaffolding Durham has. So, whatever project you have in mind, you can rely on us.

Three elements

Every tube and coupling scaffold will have three very specific parts. It is important to know about them and why they are important to the stability of the scaffolding.


The first part is the standard. This is the long vertical pipe or tube that transfers the mass to the ground. The standards are a fixed length so pin and socket joints are necessary to join them together if taller scaffold is necessary. At the base of each standard is a plate or sill to help with weight distribution. This can stabilise the temporary structure.

Ledgers (runners)

Scaffolds also feature horizontal tubes or pipes known as ledgers or runners. They go along the length of the scaffold and connect to the standards to provide more support and distribute the weight more effectively. The placement of these elements will also determine the heights where you can stage worker platforms.

Transoms (bearers)

The third part of the scaffold is another horizontal pipe or tube. However, they tend to be shorter and run the width of the scaffolding. They sit above the ledgers but at a right angle to them. The transom will hold the standard in place and support it. In addition, they support the boards people using the scaffold will walk on.

Providing scaffolding in Durham

At HS Scaffolding NE Ltd we can provide services for all kinds of needs. Our track record is excellent, including work in the industrial and commercial sectors as well as private, domestic jobs.

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