Make sure your next project goes smoothly

People require scaffold for various projects, be they industrial or commercial in nature. Therefore, there needs to be a solution out there that is affordable and a high quality. This is something our business regularly offers. We can give you the best scaffolding Sunderland has available.

When working with scaffolding, there are several steps you will want to take. Doing so will ensure that your project goes ahead smoothly.


One of the most important steps would have to be planning ahead. This goes a long way to making all jobs easier. In addition, it will help you to ensure that all the necessary equipment is in place. If you miss any vital pieces it can cause big problems, including delays. A good plan will also ensure you have confidence that your scaffold will meet all the safety legislations.

Drawing some quick sketches can prove to be beneficial when you are planning. This shall let you visualise the construct. Therefore, when you are bringing materials on site or ordering them, you will have precisely what you require in hand. Something else sketches shall aid you with is explaining the scaffold to your teams when you are having briefings.

Construction ground

You need to think about the construction ground too. The conditions and foundations when erecting scaffolding are critical. It can be dangerous to build on any surface that is uneven. Confirming that the ground is level also means that your scaffolding can support you even when it is wet.


Finally, you should be going out of your way to inspect the scaffolding thoroughly. Do this every day before you use it. You should complete an inspection log daily. It needs to detail anything that may be broken.

Supplying scaffolding in Sunderland

At HS Scaffolding, we have our teams assist clients every step of the way. This includes delivering the scaffold on time and making sure it is stable. Our goal is always to ensure that each structure will offer the safest access for the whole project. Once the work concludes, we shall dismantle it for you too.

If your next project requires the highest quality scaffolding Sunderland has, please contact us. We can design scaffold to suit any needs, even tricky projects.