Working smartly and safely on scaffolding

Everyone wants to feel safe when they’re working in the construction industry. As long as you have the right equipment, you shouldn’t have any problems. You can find said equipment by speaking to us. Our team provides the most secure and highest quality scaffolding Northumberland has to offer.

There are plenty of ways you can work smartly and remain safe whilst on and near scaffolds. It’s the same regardless of whether you’re replacing windows or changing a few hard to reach light bulbs. Here is how you must act when using this temporary structure.

Ensure the planking is safe

Whenever you can, cover the entire width of your scaffold with planks. This produces a bigger work environment. It also lowers the chances of a fall happening. When you’re unable to accomplish this, install an additional plank at a higher point. This shall create a guardrail of sorts. When operating on casters, place a diagonal gooser brace. You’ll be able to keep your scaffold stable and square this way.

The three-point grip

Whilst climbing scaffolding, we recommend that you have a three-point grip. This means that one foot and two hands, or vice versa, need to constantly remain in contact with the structure. In addition keep your body in close proximity to the frame. Get as near as you possibly can. Leaning out too much can result in the scaffold tipping over on top of you.

Beware of cross braces

Scaffolding Northumberland

Don’t ever climb on the cross braces. They aren’t supposed to handle all the weight and may fail with heavy loads. If you follow this advice, you shouldn’t have too many issues with your structure.

At HS Scaffolding, we’ve assisted a wide variety of clients over the years. This includes power stations and oil refineries. Each client has had their own unique and complex needs. This hasn’t been enough to deter us however. We always come up with a suitable solution and deliver the most reliable scaffolding Northumberland has to offer.

If you would like our aid as well, please contact our team.