A new scaffolding safety checklist

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Recently, the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) presented the scaffolding checklist. It informs people when they require a scaffold and offers lots of info about how to design one.

In addition, the new document talks about requirements for those working on scaffolding. Most importantly they need sufficient competence and training. The UK Work at Height Regulations states something crucial here too. Competent individuals should design scaffolding by bespoke calculation. This is unless someone assembles it to a recognised standard arrangement.

The relevant information

The checklist states that the scaffold user needs to provide the contractor with the right information at the start of the planning stage. This way, they can follow a proper and accurate design procedure. Usually, this info must include things like the use and site location. Following this, the scaffold designer or contractor can offer details such as the maximum lift heights and bay lengths. It is then easier to ensure that the scaffold is up to the task.


The advisory document also says contractors should erect, dismantle, and adjust scaffolding safely. They can do this by following the advice from the NASC. This is in document SG4 – ‘Preventing falls in scaffolding’. If this does not apply, they can follow similar direction from the manufacturer.

In some cases scaffolding will fall outside the realm of standard configuration. When it does, the design must allow safe erection and dismantling.

At HS Scaffolding, we offer solutions that are suitable for many jobs. This includes maintenance, repair, construction, and renovation projects. We ensure every single scaffold is safe, stable and fit for the task. To ensure this we stay up to date on the latest guidance.

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